J-STAGE Overview

J-STAGE Overview

What is J-STAGE?

J-STAGE is an electronic journal platform for science and technology information in Japan, developed and managed by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). J-STAGE aims to accelerate the speed of communication and ensure the internationalization of the science and technology information published in Japan. By providing an online publication platform, J-STAGE supports Japanese societies and research organizations, and has published more than 3,000 journals, conference proceedings and other academic publications with high speeds at low costs.

J-STAGE offers support to publishers in the form of the entire publication process, from submission and peer-review process to publishing. J-STAGE users can also access and create their own libraries of information anytime and anywhere with the assistance of J-STAGE. These libraries can be used on multiple devices.

Publication type

Publications on J-STAGE are categorized as following:

  • Journals
  • Proceedings
  • Research Report/Technical Report
  • Magazines
  • Others

Subject Area

Publications on J-STAGE has a wide variety of academic fields.

Basic Sciences
Mathematics / Physics / Chemistry / Earth Sciences and Astronomy
Life Sciences
Biology, Life Sciences and Basic Medicine / Agriculture and Food Sciences
Medical and Health Sciences
General Medicine, Social Medicine, and Nursing Sciences / Clinical Medicine / Dentistry / Pharmaceutical Sciences
Engineering and Technology
Engineering in General / Nanosciences and Materials Sciences / Architecture and Civil Engineering / Mechanical Engineering / Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Interdisciplinary Sciences
Information Sciences / Environmental Sciences / Interdisciplinary Sciences
Humanities and Social Sciences
Philosophy, Religion / Literature, Language & Linguistics and Art / Anthropology, History and Geography / Law, Political Sciences / Economics, Business & Management / Sociology / Psychology, Education

Promotion of open access

J-STAGE promotes "open access", which consists of (1) free access to articles and (2) specifying the scope of reuse like modification or redistribution. Over 90% of articles on J-STAGE are free to read. Articles displaying a CC license can be reused under the terms of the license.

CC license on an article page
CC license on an article page
CC license on a full text PDF
CC license on a full text PDF

Please see Creative Commons website external link(external link) for more information about CC license.

What J-STAGE can do for you

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